Energy and Water Efficiency Services Offered

  • Home and Small Business Sustainability Assessments,
  • Sustainable Homes Short Courses (for home owners – click here to enrol in one of our short courses),
  • Home Sustainability Assessor Training,
  • Energy Star Rating of Homes and Units,
  • Energy and Water Auditing,
  • Site Assessment and Computer-based Energy Performance Assessment of Renewable Energy Power and Heating Systems including Solar PV or Wind Energy Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems,
  • Engineering assessment of renewable energy based power or heating systems or products.
  • Regional Sustainable Energy Systems planning
  • Sustainable energy course development.

Sustainable home / business assessment for new and existing homes or businesses provides a detailed report after a site visit. The site visit does the following:

  • Undertakes a detailed energy audit (Level 3 Audit to AS3598:2000 – Energy Audits). This gives a complete breakdown of energy use and identifies where savings can be made through energy efficiency measures. It includes a priority list of changes to make over t time, estimated potential financial savings and greenhouse gas reductions.
  • Assesses roof areas, orientation, tilt, shading for Solar PV or Solar Water Heaters to optimise system location and performance and minimise shading.
  • Assesses roof areas for rain water collection, optimum tank size and location to maximise rain water collection (maximum rain fraction).
  • Assesses access to and suitability of grey water systems.

The report includes advice on:

  • Energy efficient building design improvements and selection of efficient appliances,
  • Solar PV or wind power systems sizing, location and predicted performance to optimise performance and cost effectiveness,
  • Solar water heating sizing, location and predicted performance,
  • Rain water and grey water systems sizing and location to optimise water us,
  • Prioritising recommended improvements,
  • Potential financial and greenhouse gas savings.